Elixir, Phoenix and Docker Tutorial

You may have heard of the Elixir language, and the Phoenix Framework.

If you have, hopefully you are as excited by the language, and as intrigued by the framework as much as I am.

If you haven't then what follows may be somewhat confusing, but hopefully interesting enough to get you wanting to know more.

Elixir is a functional language. The way in which we work with Elixir is largely different, but still similar to PHP. After all, it is still programming. It's just a different style of programming.

In this series we are going to build our stack using Docker.

The stack is light, making use of just the Cowboy web server to run Phoenix, and Postgres for the database. A more real-world setup may be to put nginx in front of Cowboy in order to allow easier SSL setup, but Cowboy itself is a fully capable web server, and not comparable to e.g. the built-in PHP webserver with which we typically locally run Symfony.

Once we have our webserver up and running, we will create and populate a single table database, and then stand up a JSON API allowing us to GET, POST, PUT / PATCH, and DELETE.

You may just be surprised how quickly we can achieve this, depending on your experience with other languages / platforms / frameworks. I was.

I genuinely hope you enjoy this series. There are some incredibly interesting aspects to Elixir, and they have the potential to change the way you think about your code. Even if you choose not to pursue Elixir / Phoenix after watching this course, I hope you find the content enjoyable and useful all the same. It's always good to see how other languages and frameworks work.

Let's get flying!


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